Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If you’re like most dog owners, you think you’ve got the smartest pooch on the planet. Still, have you ever wondered why some dogs can herd sheep, and rescue people from avalanches while other dogs can’t even seem to master “sit” and “stay?” Then here’s an IQ test to help you figure out if your pup’s the canine equivalent of Albert Einstein. I got this from MSNBC. Just remember, don’t do the tests all in one day. Your dog might get confused and overwhelmed – and wonder why you’ve suddenly gone crazy.

• There’s the towel test. Take a large towel or blanket, and gently put it over your dog’s head. If he gets free in less than 15 seconds, he’s sharp. If it’s longer than a minute, give him an “E” for effort.
• The next doggie IQ test: The bucket trick. Put three buckets next to each other, and let him watch while you put a dog treat or his favorite toy under one. Then, turn the dog away from the buckets. After a few seconds, let him find the treat. If he immediately goes to the correct bucket, that’s a sign of intelligence. If he has to check all three buckets – well, he can still get by on his looks.
• Then there’s the favorite spot test. Rearrange the furniture while your dog’s out of the room. If he comes in and goes directly to his favorite spot, he’s an “A” student. If he picks a whole new area to snuggle down, he’s an average student.
• The final dog IQ test: Go for an unexpected walk. Pick a time you don’t normally walk your dog and while he’s watching, quietly pick up your keys and grab his leash. If he immediately gets excited, he’s bright. If you have to walk to the door before he catches on, well, he still gets to go for a walk. You can keep the test results between you, your dog, and his favorite tree.