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I get emails all the time asking about where I have heard about great deals or coupons online. Well, I have compiled a few places I havce found online. I hope you save mucho dinero!


1.) Click Here for coupons you can print out and use anywhere, from Woman's Day

2.) Go to It's easy to sign up and there's no spam. Enter your e-mail address on their home page, and every Monday you'll receive that week's deals. Currently, there are great coupons for Home Depot, Radio Shack, Target, Foot Locker, Lord & Taylor, Sports Authority, American Apparel, Sears, K-Mart, Dell and lots more. There are lots of web sites that will e-mail great deals to you...Coupon Cabin is my favorite. It's simple and easy to read and use.



So I was doing some reading online when I came across this priceless article. I'm sad to say, though, it's a little too late for my beautiful blue and black striped blouse with a white collar. The collar turned pink and I washed the shirt dozens of times. I tried all sorts of concoctions and ended up pitching it. That really hurt. I saw this article and it mentioned a couple of different solutions when your clothes turn pink. Save this and file it so if you have a laundry disaster, you can refer to it. That's what I did. Talk to you on Tuesday. I'll be back from a mini vacation.


by Mary Ellen Pinkham, Everyday Problem Solver

Below, you'll find examples of both household remedies and commercial recommendations. (In a couple of cases Mary Ellen even suggests some of her own products, which she developed because they solved problems for which there were no other solutions, and I continue to feel they're the best way to go.)

1. White clothes are pink

Solution 1: Rit Color Remover. This product is specifically meant to remove dye color that's been transferred to washable white fabrics. Where to find: Fabric stores and drug-store chains.

Solution 2:1. Place the clothing item on a stack of paper towels and spray the stained area with WD-40. Leave it for five minutes, then repeat on other side.

2. Rub in liquid dish washing detergent, placing fresh towels underneath as color is absorbed.

3. Wash with chlorine or oxygen bleach, whichever is appropriate, and rinse with warm water.

2. Crayons melted in dryer

For the dryer drum:

1. Scrape off as much wax as possible with a credit card or other non scratchy tool.
2. Use a blow-dryer held about 6-8 inches from the drum to create enough heat to melt the wax, and wipe away what you can.
3. Spray WD-40 or Goo Gone on paper towels, and wipe it again.
4. Use a little liquid dish detergent and warm water to wash out the dryer. To be very sure the wax is cleaned out, before you use the dryer on a normal load, first dry a load of rags for 30 minutes.

3. Wool sweater shrunk

Solution: Not guaranteed, but this is worth a try. Soak the sweater for a few minutes in a bucket of water to which you've added a couple of capfuls of hair conditioner. The hair conditioner will loosen up the fibers enough so that you can lay the sweater on a dry towel and gently pull and stretch it back to shape. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Stained lingerie

Solution: Apply a solution of three percent hydrogen peroxide to the stain, let it bubble up, rinse. Repeat until the stain is gone. If that's not working, and/or if you've got a set-in, dried stain on items that have already gone through the washer and dryer, try Mary Ellen's for Those Days. It works on whites and colorfast items like magic.

5. White fabric with yellow stains

Solution: Yellow stains are very tricky and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes the whiteners and brighteners used in the manufacture of a white item simply turn color. Or, as in the case of underarm stains, the fabric itself has been damaged. Both situations are irreversible. Sometimes white linen items can be salvaged. If you've tried bleach without success, check out Mary Ellen's Formula One for Set-in Stains—it's good for white and colorfast items. Over the years, women have written to tell me it even removed stains on old christening gowns. Also, you'll avoid yellow stains on white fabrics if you never store them with plastic coverings (such as dry cleaning bags).

6. White fabric looks dingy

Solution: First soak the item for half an hour in a quart of warm water with a tablespoon each of ammonia and liquid dish washing detergent. Rinse, and then soak it in a quart of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar. Finally, rinse well and dry.

7. Clothes are wrinkled

Solution: Return everything to the dryer, put a damp towel into the load and re-dry. Or press garments with a pressing cloth dampened with diluted white vinegar.

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The Easter Bunny is a revered tradition at Barton Creek Square and Lakeline Mall, and this year is no exception. Everyone is invited to visit the floppy-eared friend who will be in the mall offering professional photos between March 20 and April 11.


Once there were two women who never knew each other..One you do not remember, the other you call mother. Two different lives, shaped to make your one…

One became your guiding star, the other became your sun.

The first gave you life and the second taught you to live it.

The first gave you a need for love and the second was there to give it.
One gave you nationality, the other gave you a name.

One gave you a seed of talent, the other gave you an aim.

One gave you emotions, the other calmed your fears.

One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears.
One gave you up…that’s all she could do.

The other prayed for a child and God led her straight to you.

And now you ask me through your fears, the age old question unanswered throughout the years….Heredity or environment …which are you the product of? Neither, my darling..neither..just two different kinds of love.

- Author Unknown

<---My beautiful birth son. 18 yrs. old



If you’re like most dog owners, you think you’ve got the smartest pooch on the planet. Still, have you ever wondered why some dogs can herd sheep, and rescue people from avalanches while other dogs can’t even seem to master “sit” and “stay?” Then here’s an IQ test to help you figure out if your pup’s the canine equivalent of Albert Einstein. I got this from MSNBC. Just remember, don’t do the tests all in one day. Your dog might get confused and overwhelmed – and wonder why you’ve suddenly gone crazy.

• There’s the towel test. Take a large towel or blanket, and gently put it over your dog’s head. If he gets free in less than 15 seconds, he’s sharp. If it’s longer than a minute, give him an “E” for effort.
• The next doggie IQ test: The bucket trick. Put three buckets next to each other, and let him watch while you put a dog treat or his favorite toy under one. Then, turn the dog away from the buckets. After a few seconds, let him find the treat. If he immediately goes to the correct bucket, that’s a sign of intelligence. If he has to check all three buckets – well, he can still get by on his looks.
• Then there’s the favorite spot test. Rearrange the furniture while your dog’s out of the room. If he comes in and goes directly to his favorite spot, he’s an “A” student. If he picks a whole new area to snuggle down, he’s an average student.
• The final dog IQ test: Go for an unexpected walk. Pick a time you don’t normally walk your dog and while he’s watching, quietly pick up your keys and grab his leash. If he immediately gets excited, he’s bright. If you have to walk to the door before he catches on, well, he still gets to go for a walk. You can keep the test results between you, your dog, and his favorite tree.

Are You The Average Woman?

-163 pounds is the average weight of a woman
-133 pounds is the average woman’s goal weight.
-16% of women say they’ve been treated badly because of their weight.
-10 times is the average number of attempts a woman has tried to lose weight.
-63% of women step on the scale at least once a week.
-57% of women say they’d rather be rich than stay at their dream weight forever


Got a minute? Try this quick mental workout: Close your eyes and walk to different objects in the room. Doctors say that this mental exercise helps the brain because you're using visualization, memorization, short-term planning and long-term planning. Try walking across the kitchen and opening the fridge door, with your eyes closed. As you walk, imagine what the room has looked like all those hundreds of times you've walked this same path with your eyes open. You might be surprised how well you do. Closing your eyes too scary? Try doing it with your eyes open but walking backward.
Source: Chicago Tribune


Do you really need to shred all your bills, bank statements, and junk-mail credit card offers? Absolutely. In more than half of the 10 million cases of identity theft reported annually, the victims knew the thieves. All someone needs is access to an account number to go on a QVC binge, free of charge. Thieves also love Dumpster diving. If you don’t shred, the bad guys can grab your private info. Invest in a crosscutting shredder: Paper shredded into strips can be taped back together.

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You may scrub your toilet and countertops until they shine, but when it comes to the war between you and germs, consider yourself outnumbered. Germs (the catchall name for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms) are everywhere — at home, in the office, even in your car. Luckily, about 99 percent of them can't harm us. But the other 1 percent can be annoying, uncomfortable, or downright scary: Most of these pathogens are either viral or bacterial and can cause everything from a runny nose to a potentially life-threatening infection.

You may think you know the obvious places that germs propagate — the doctor's office, the soles of your shoes — but many more germ-friendly locales are completely unexpected yet no less dangerous. We uncovered a host of surprising new spots where germs like to lurk, and offer easy solutions to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

The kitchen faucet
That metal aeration screen at the end of your kitchen faucet reduces water flow, which is good for the environment, but not so much for your health: Running water keeps the screen moist, an ideal condition for bacteria growth. Because tap water is far from sterile, if you accidentally touch the screen with dirty fingers or food, bacteria can grow on the faucet, explains microbiologist Kelly Reynolds, PhD, an associate professor of community environment and policy at the University of Arizona College of Public Health. Over time, bacteria build up and form a wall of pathogens called biofilm that sticks to the screen. "Eventually, that biofilm may even be big enough to break off and get onto your food or dishes," she notes.
Keep it clean: Once a week, remove the screen and soak it in a diluted bleach solution — follow the directions on the label. Replace the screen, and let the water run a few minutes before using. The garbage disposalThat raw chicken or spinach you're rinsing for dinner is often loaded with harmful bacteria, which can make the young, the elderly, or anyone with a compromised immune system seriously ill. In fact, there are often more than 500,000 bacteria in the kitchen sink — about 1,000 times more than the average toilet has.
Although the metal part of the disposal produces ions that can help kill germs, they still love to grow on the crevices in and around the slimy rubber stopper. That means your disposal can become party central for bacteria, contaminating whatever touches it — dishes, utensils, even your hands. Keep it clean: At least once a week, clean the disposal's rubber stopper with a diluted bleach solution — soap and water aren't enough. The welcome matIt serves to greet not only your guests but also all the bugs on the bottoms of their shoes. One study found that nearly 96 percent of shoe soles had traces of coliform, which includes fecal bacteria. "The area near your front door is one of the dirtiest in the house," says Reynolds. Once bacteria plant their stakes in your mat, anytime you walk on it, you give them a free ride into your home. Keep it clean: Spray the doormat once a week with a fabric-safe disinfectant (such as Lysol Disinfectant Spray). Leave shoes at the door, and avoid resting bags and groceries on the mat, too.
Your vacuum cleaner"Vacuums — including the brushes and bags — are like meals-on-wheels for bacteria," says Charles Gerba, PhD, professor of environmental biology at the University of Arizona. "You suck in all this bacteria and food, creating an atmosphere for growth." A recent study by Gerba and his team found that 13 percent of all vacuum cleaner brushes tested positive for E. coli, which means you could spread it around the house each time you use the appliance. Keep it clean: Change your vacuum bag frequently, and do so outdoors to avoid the cloud of bacteria that filters into the air. (Vacuum bags that feature antibacterial linings are best, and are available for many major brands.) Clean the cavity of a bagless vacuum with diluted bleach and let it air-dry.

A dish towel
You know a sponge can harbor nasty germs, but a recent study of hundreds of homes across the United States found that about 7 percent of kitchen towels were contaminated with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the difficult-to-treat staph bacteria that can cause life-threatening skin infections. Dish towels also rated tops for dangerous strains of E. coli and other bacteria. We often use towels to wipe up spills, says Reynolds, then reuse before washing them, which spreads germs.Keep it clean: Stick to paper towels to clean countertops, and save the dishrag to dry just-washed pots and plates. Change towels or launder at least twice a week in hot water and bleach.Your car's dashboardIn tests of 100 vehicles from across the United States, the dashboard was found to be the second-most-common spot for bacteria and mold. (Food spills were number one.) The researchers' rationale: When air — which carries mold spores and bacteria — gets sucked in through the vents, it's often drawn to the dashboard, where it can deposit the spores and germs. Because the dashboard receives the most sun and tends to stay warm, it's prime for growth.Keep it clean: Regularly swipe the inside of your car with disinfecting wipes. Be more vigilant during allergy season — about 20 million Americans are affected by asthma, which is caused in part by an allergic reaction to mold.Soap dispensersSoap that harbors bacteria may sound ironic, but one recent study found that about 25 percent of liquid soap dispensers in public restrooms were contaminated by fecal bacteria. "Most of these containers are never cleaned, so bacteria grows as the soap scum builds up," says Gerba. "And the bottoms are touched by dirty hands, so there's a continuous culture going on feeding millions of bacteria."Keep it clean:: Be sure to scrub hands thoroughly for 15 to 20 seconds with plenty of hot water — and if you have an alcohol gel disinfectant, use that, too.Restaurant ketchup bottleIt's the rare eatery that regularly bleaches down condiment containers. And the reality is that many people don't wash their hands before eating, says Reynolds. So while you may be diligent, the guy who poured the ketchup before you may not have been, which means his germs are now on your fries.Keep it clean: Squirt hand sanitizer on the outside of the bottle or use a disinfectant wipe before you grab it. Holding the bottle with a napkin won't help — they're porous, so microorganisms can walk right through, says Reynolds.The refrigerator sealA University of Arizona survey of 160 homes in three U.S. cities found that the seal around the fridge tested positive 83 percent of the time for common molds. The mold can spread every time the refrigerator door opens — exposing anyone who's susceptible to allergies and potentially contaminating the food. Keep it clean: Wipe fridge seals at least once a week with a diluted bleach solution or disinfectant.

Your cell phone
You probably put it down any place that's convenient, but consider this: Several studies on cell phones and PDAs found that they carry tons of bacteria, including staph (which can cause skin infections), pseudomonas (eye infections), and salmonella (stomach ailments). Many electronic devices are sheathed in leather or vinyl cases, which provide plenty of creases and crevices for germs to hide. Keep it clean: Use a disinfecting wipe a few times a week, and be conscious of where you rest personal items.

msnbc / Prevention

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Every year, a few standout late adds end up energizing the South by Southwest schedule. One of 2009's is Erykah Badu, who will play a free show at Auditorium Shores on Saturday.

With a new daughter at home and a sequel to "New Amerykah" due out this year, Badu returns to Austin with the Cannabinoids, a group of Dallas urban music all-stars.

So what are Cannabinoids? I'll let Erykah Badu explain. "They are a group of terpenophenolic compounds present in Cannibis sativa. Some of the cannabinoids make you hungry, some make you hallucinate, some make you sleepy. These are these little receptors that are present in this herb. So I was thinking we can create it with us. We can be the synthetic cannabinoids. And I came up with a group of names and did some research on cannabinoids, and these all have different jobs. For example THC is also known as the little brain and controls the heart rate, where hu-210 is kind of like a grey matter that controls thinking in the experience of getting high. So I wanted us to get high through this musical collaboration."

Ummmmmm................. okay! Wow! That's out there!

Decorating Your Home On A Super Tight Budget! (I'm There!)

I love,with a passion, to decorate my home so it really bums me out when I don't have very much money, like now. :( I am purchasing a new home and of course, I want some new things to put in it but I had to use my income tax refund for the down payment. Nuff said.... I've been on the hunt for some cool things at great prices. I thought I'd pass along what I've come across and really hope you will leave a post here if you have found some neat, affordable things too!

1.) Posters are waaaay too college. For a more stylish look, seek out one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. Check out, where artisits sell their original pieces for low prices. They have everything from sculptures to landscape paintings.

I have to thank the owner of Art Attack (Very cool, create your own art studio) at The Hill Country Galleria for the next couple of items on my list. Linda Rocks!

2.) Lamps say so much. I love colorful lamps for accent pieces. Not so much for lighting a room but to add to the ambience. To me, lamps can function like pieces of art. Check out this link to see a bunch of lamps. You can see a few of them hanging up in Art Attack. They are funky and very cool. Oh, and very affordable too!

3.) Dress up your walls! These sites offers decals in a variety of patterns. Modern, Classic, Circles, etc. Really great for people like moi! I change my mind a lot. You can just peel'em of when you want a new look! or

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There is an awful lot of bad advice out there when it comes to managing your personal finances. Like rumors, these myths get told and retold as if they were true and spread like wildfire even though they are flat out wrong.

Money Myth No. 1: This is a Great Opportunity to Buy Stocks

If you believe that, I have some real estate in Florida (with just a little water on it) that's also a great buy. If your financial advisor is telling you that now is the time to buy, fire your broker. Are you kidding me?!

We know that you are desperate to make back some of your investment losses, but buying stocks in this environment isn't the way to do it. The bottom is nowhere in sight right now, and this is no time to invest new money -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Money Myth No. 2: Everyone Needs Life Insurance

Think the insurance agents are behind keeping this money myth alive? Here it is in a nutshell: If you have someone who really DEPENDS on your income -- then, yes, you likely may need life insurance to help them maintain their standard of living if you're gone.

If you're single, retired or part of a dual income household with no dependents, you may not need life insurance at all. And, please, don't count on life insurance as a savings plan or as a source of "emergency money" that you can cash in down the road.

Money Myth No. 3: Credit Counseling Will Hurt Your Credit Score

No, no, NO! We're going to scream this one from the rooftops till we get through! Credit counseling will not affect your credit score one iota.

In fact, Fair Isaac (the company that calculates credit scores) does not factor enrollment with a credit counseling service into their scoring criteria. However, some lenders will see that "in credit counseling" notation on your credit report as a red flag, so you may have trouble getting new credit while you are in counseling.

Money Myth No. 4: Money Markets are FDIC Insured

A money market mutual fund is most certainly NOT FDIC insured. However, a money market DEPOSIT account -- which earns interest at a rate set (and paid) by the bank -- IS FDIC insured.

The fact that the names of these two vehicles sound similar may be the source of the confusion. Just suffice it to say that, basically, any deposit-type of account where your bank pays you interest is probably insured (but double check!) That includes any traditional type of bank account -- from checking and savings to CDs and IRAs. All of these are insured by the FDIC up to the limit of $250,000 per qualifying account.

Money Myth No. 5: You Get What You Pay For

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this money myth won't die.

While it's true that sometimes there IS a link between price and quality, more often than not, you can get a great product at a great price if you shop around and/or know what to look for.

Take generic drugs, for example. They often use the exact same ingredients as their higher-priced name brand counterparts, and many are considered to be just as effective when stacked up against the big names. So why pay more?

Money Myth No. 6: Co-Signing a Loan is No Big Deal

Think co-signing a loan for a friend or relative is "not a big deal"? Think again.

Your signature is essentially telling the lender, "Sure, come after ME if my loved one defaults ... or even misses ONE payment. I'll take care of it!"

And, yes, this even applies to your own children. We know of one couple who co-signed a loan for their grown son -- one day, he just stopped making payments. Guess who's now making those car payments for him ... to avoid ruining their own credit?

Money Myth No. 7: You Don't Need a Will if You're Leaving Everything to Your Spouse

More than half of Americans die without leaving one. Big mistake.

Don't make the all-too-common assumption that your spouse will automatically get everything -- the house, the car, your investments -- upon your death. Without a will, there's no guarantee. That goes especially if you have children and/or surviving parents. The law in most states will award one-third to one-half of your property to your surviving spouse and divvy up the rest between your children and your parents, if they're still living.

Money Myth No. 8: Your Debts Will Be Wiped Out When You Die

It's a sad fact: Your debts may live on long after you do. Sure, some of your creditors may choose to forgive your debts, but more often than not, they'll try and collect from your estate.

If you have a trustee, that person is legally obligated to contact and pay off any debts before distributing money or property to your heirs. But, even if you don't have a trustee, your creditors can still stake a claim against your estate.

Money Myth No. 9: You Need a Certain Amount of Money to Start Investing

Don't let this money myth rob you from investing in your future. Even if you can only invest a few dollars every month, you still have plenty of options.

As a first step, you can open an online savings account that pays interest. Or you can buy stock directly from a company, though a Direct Stock Purchase plan. You can also pick up a low-cost mutual fund for as little as $50.

Money Myth No. 10: The Lower Your Insurance Deductible, the Better

This one is completely backwards! The lower your deductible, the higher your premium.

For MOST people, the odds of an accident or a house fire or a serious illness are actually quite small. So a higher deductible (in exchange for a lower monthly premium) should benefit more people than not.

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Household Items that moonlight doing other kinds of jobs!

Check Out the Secret Uses of Everyday Items to Help With Your Chores

You've got a pile of household chores to do and errands to run, and you're running a little short on cash.

Most people would be stressing, sweating their way from task to task, but not you. You're cool.

Why? Because "Good Morning America" and lifestyle expert Nancy Soriano have teamed up to bring together some of the most resourceful household tips and tricks to cut down on time and expenses using some familiar household items in some less-familiar ways.

Take note and complete those chores in no time and in a style that would make MacGyver jealous.

Cleaning With Alka-Seltzer or Coca-Cola
On the one hand, you've got a dirty toilet or pots and pans. On the other, you've got a can of Coca-Cola and Alka-Seltzer. No problem.

According to Soriano, you can drop two tablets of Alka-Seltzer in the toilet, wait twenty minutes, brush and then flush for a squeaky clean toilet. The phosphoric acid in Coca-Cola can also do the trick.

For pots and pans, pouring a thick layer of soda directly on pans with badly burned-on food and sprinkling on just a little water can help loosen the food. Leave it soaking overnight and scrub clean the next day.

Doing Double-Time Ironing With Aluminum Foil
Ironing can be time-consuming, but what if you could do it in half the time?

Sliding a sheet of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover can get that done. The foil reflects the heat from the iron so that both sides get heated and ironed at the same time.

Eat a Banana, Then Polish Your Shoes
Banana peels aren't just for comedic value anymore.

The banana might taste good, but the banana peel is where the fruit can really shine, literally.

After de-stringing the banana, it can be used to shine anything from leather shoes to household plant leaves. For a final touch, give them a nice buffing with a soft cloth or paper towel.

According to Soriano, one reason the banana peel works so well is because bananas contain potassium, an ingredient it shares with shoe polish.

De-Stink Pets and Repel Bugs with Dryer Sheets
After your dog or cat bounds inside after a rainy day or a nice swim, head him or her off at the pass with a dryer sheet. Scrubbing your pet down with one of these will keep that wet-animal odor down and your pet nice and dry.

Dryer sheets have also been said to repel bugs, especially mosquitos. Tucking some sheets in a picnic basket or under patio furniture could help make your afternoon in the countryside or barbecue more pleasant.

Rubbing Alcohol, Water and Newspapers for Clean Windows
Just because you have an empty spray bottle doesn't mean it's useless.

You can make a do-it-yourself cleaner by taking that spray bottle and pouring in a quart of water and then adding three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. Spray the cleaner on a dirty window and use a newspaper to wipe it down.

Then sit back and enjoy a crystal-clear view.

Dry Your Clothes Faster With Tennis Balls
Tired of waiting around while your clothes spin and spin in the dryer?

Cut down on the time by throwing something new into the mix: tennis balls.

Tossing two or three tennis balls (clean ones) into the dryer with your clothes help the air and heat circulate, meaning your clothes get dryer even more quickly.

The tennis balls help for a full load of laundry or just one item.

Aspirin Helps Remove the Headache of Sweat Stains
The bad news is that sometimes work can give you headaches and sweat stains.

The good news is that, if you know what you're doing, aspirin can help both.

Dissolve two aspirin in a half cup of warm water and then apply to the stained fabric. Leave it alone for a couple hours and then wash.

By the time you're done, your headache should have subsided and your clothes should be stain-free.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Prince to release new CD set through Target

NEW YORK — Prince is coming to a Target near you.
The superstar is releasing a three-disc CD set through the retailer at the end of this month. The set will include two new albums — "LOtUSFLOW3R" and "MPLSoUND" — as well as a third by his new artist, Bria Valente, for the price of $11.98.
Prince is just the latest music legend to release new music exclusively through a major retailer. AC/DC and the Eagles were among the acts who sold millions of CDs through their partnership with Wal-Mart.
Prince has released his recent CDs through major labels, but they were one-album deals that gave him the flexibility to go elsewhere when the project was done. Last fall, he released a coffee table book of photos titled "21 Nights" documenting his record-breaking, 21-night run at London's 02 Arena in 2007. The book also included a CD of live performances.
"Prince has long been renowned as one of the world's most original and iconic musical artists," said Mark Schindele, Target's senior vice president of merchandising. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share his most recent work with our Target guests."
The CD set will be on sale at Target and its Web site on March 29.
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