Saturday, January 31, 2009


Find out what to buy when

Each month AOL does their "Best Things To Buy" series. If you plan accordingly you will be sure to get the best bargains every month of the year. Shop now!

Love abounds in February, but before you get caught up in romance, make sure that you check out small consumer electronics, like mp3 players, as well as treadmills and indoor furniture for the best deals. While these may not be the sexiest items on your wish list, if you buy them now you could save hundreds of dollars. Buy now: MP3 Players Treadmills Indoor Furniture More ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

St. Patrick's Day is not the only reason to see green in March. If you shop smartl for items that are "best to buy" in March, your wallet will be seeing more green. March is the ideal time to buy computers, humidifiers and winter coats. If you don't already have these items from last winter, now is the time to buy. Buy now: Desktop Computers Humidifiers Winter CoatsMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

We all know the saying that April showers bring May flowers, but showers should not be the only thing you see coming down in April. The prices on spring clothing and digital cameras will be at their lowest. Buy now: Spring Clothing Digital CamerasMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

Of course in May, Mothers should be front and center but in addition to buying a great gift for Mom, May is the ideal time to buy cordless phones and athletic apparel. If you don't think that any of these items will suit Mom's fancy, be sure to stock up for yourself and send flowers to Mom. Buy now: Cordless Phones Athletic ApparelMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

Fathers should take center stage in June, but did you know that this month is the prime time to invest in computers, summer sports gear and swimwear? Perhaps Dad would love a new desktop for his home office or an updated raft for lazy days by the pool. Buy now: Computers Summer Sports Gear SwimwearMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

Fireworks are not the only thing that can be big in July. If you are looking for big savings for your wallet and were not able to buy a computer in June, you will start to see even bigger deals before the "back to school" rush. Also July is the perfect month to buy both indoor and outdoor furniture. Buy now: Computers Indoor Furniture Outdoor FurnitureMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

With so many people thinking about getting the kids ready to go back to school, deals on air conditioners, lawn mowers and camping equipment, often go unnoticed. This August be sure to check out the deals on these items; these summer deals will be too hot to pass up. Buy now: Air Conditioners Lawn Mowers Camping EquipmentMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

Just because it is the start of the fall doesn't mean that your grilling season has to be over. September is the best time to get gas grills on sale that are left over from the peak of summer. September is also the optimal time to get landscaping equpiment and to get bikes for the whole family. Buy now: Gas Grills Landscaping Equipment BikesMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

October is known for having frighteningly good sales on digital cameras and winter coats. This is the perfect time to buy a digital camera before the Holiday season and you can put it to great use taking pictures of the adorable trick or treaters in the neighborhood. Check out sales on winter coats before the chill really starts to hit the air. Buy now: Digital Cameras Winter CoatsMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

In addition to buying a turkey, make sure that you pick up a leaf blower and some toys. The leaves may be well and gone but you can get a good deal on a leaf blower for next fall. Toys will be in high demand the closer we inch toward Christmas, so help Santa out and start stocking up on popular toys early so you can have the best pick. Buy now: Leaf Blower ToysMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

'Tis the season to shop and save. While gifts will probably be the best thing for you to buy in December, if you are savvy, you can also take advantage of deep discounts on televisions, bikes, grills and computers. Hopefully one of these items will be on your family's wish list so you can gift knowing you will be saving some green. Buy now: TVs Bikes Grills ComputersMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals

Brand new year, brand new things to buy. While many will be recovering from the Holidays and have had their fill of shopping, January is the perfect time to find amazing deals on bedding, cookware and toys. Shop early so you can get the best selection.Buy now: Bedding Cookware ToysMore ways to save: Coupons Deals & Steals


Celebrate the glorious world of chick-flicks by singing loud and proud during Legally Blonde The Musical when the show makes its way to Bass Concert Hall, February 3rd – 8th. Hang with the ultimate gal pal and relive her journey from ditsy blonde sorority girl turned ditsy blonde Harvard Law student. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll renew your relationship with the color pink.

During the month of February, The Spa at Four Seasons is offering a Legally Blonde and Beautiful package to pamper all of you Elle-lovers. The package includes an essential manicure or pedicure, a glass of pink champagne or sparkling apple cider (for those not yet legal) and a complimentary bottle of Creative Nail Designs nail polish to take home. Manicures are priced at $45 and pedicures $55. Appointments are strongly recommended. Call to book your appointment at 512.685.8160.


Your neighbors have got something you want, and you’ve got something they need. Stop peering out your blinds waiting for the garage next-door to open, and join the online revolution with Loanables.

This modern day bartering system allows you to save a dime by borrowing, and make a dime by sharing. From tablesaws and weed-wackers to camping lanterns and bike racks, just post it online and let the community work for you.
Best pick-up line ever: Won’t you be my neighbor?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


In a recent poll, 83 percent of the people think that cross-gender friendships can and do exist.
A study found that they often start early, with 65 percent of boys and 60 percent of girls saying they have three or more close opposite-sex friends by 10th grade.

So what happens when you get married and you keep those friends? Jealousy can and almost always will come up. Here are some things to think about when balancing friends and lovers:

1. Don't make ultimatums. Trying to control another person's behavior never works. Try to understand the friendship, and what it's all about."

2. Be honest. Never lie about the time you spend with your friend. If you don't feel comfortable telling your spouse you're going to hang out, then maybe they have a reason to worry.

3. Socialize as a group. Spend time with both your significant other and your friend. And acknowledge your love for your spouse in front of your friend.

4. Set boundaries. If you feel the friend is crossing a line, say something. Open communication with your significant other is crucial.

5. If you feel threatened, be honest about it. Talk to both your significant other and their friend face-to-face. Tell them you feel left out. Don't be accusatory or yell, just be open and honest.

6. Think positive. As long as everybody's on the same page, opposite-sex friends can be fantastic for a couple. If you make your relationship too exclusive, it can become claustrophobic. Plenty of husbands would love another man to take his wife shopping or to the movies. It's less pressure on him!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Previously unseen promo shots for Madonna's album 'Hard Candy' don't exactly show the 'Material Girl' in a good light.
The leaked photos just recently appeared on the Internet, although the album was released in April.

CLICK HERE to see all untouched photos.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FREE MAKE-UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Beginning Tuesday, consumers who participated in a recent class-action cosmetics settlement can pick up free makeup from certain department stores.
Consumers can show up at the stores involved in the lawsuit and receive one product valued at about $20. Consumers must sign a legal document saying they bought makeup from the store between May 29, 1994, and July 16, 2003. No sales receipt is necessary.The lawsuit claimed manufacturers and retailers set prices too high and conspired to never offer discounts. Defendants did not admit wrongdoing but agreed to hand out free cosmetics. CLICK HERE for more details on the settlement. More...

Monday, January 12, 2009




BAD LIGHTING - So, get your picture taken on a cloudy, overcast day - the light filtering through the clouds is less harsh and since it doesn’t cast harsh shadows, you’ll look smaller!

THE LENS - Most point and shoot cameras have wide angle lenses, use the telephoto lens. It not only makes things look closer, it shrinks distances from your nose to your ear and from your tummy to your back and that makes you look smaller.

THE WAY WE STAND - Put one foot in front of the other to make you not look as wide. Get rid of the double chin! First, lift your neck, tilt your head down and then make sure the camera is above eye level.

Finally...... Relax! Take a deep breath and exhale, lower your arms and shoulders and smile. No matter how you think you look in photos, get in the shot with everybody else! You are making memories and they won’t look at the picture to check out if you look heavier, they’re looking at the photo to remember you look happy to be with them! SMILE!


Of course, there are more than just 10 "superfoods." In fact, just about every brightly colored fruit and vegetable fits the category of a superfood, as do nuts, beans, seeds and aromatic and brightly colored herbs and spices. The beneficial properties of each one of these superfoods could fill an entire book.

The 10 featured here were chosen because of their direct link to the Brain-Beauty Connection. These foods (listed here in alphabetical order) are rich in either the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), antioxidants or fiber, and as in the case of açaí—all three!In addition, we have included foods that have been proven to lower or help regulate blood sugar levels—an extremely important factor for all of those concerned with slowing the aging process and preventing diabetes, obesity, wrinkles and a host of degenerative diseases.

Health Benefits:

Although many of these foods have reported medical benefits, remember at all times that if you have any type of health problem or physical symptom, do not self-diagnose or self-medicate—even if with a food or herb. Trust your medical professional first and foremost in this department. However, the 10 foods included here do have incredible health benefits. Listed below are just some of the reasons to include these foods in your diet—every day:

Prevent or reduce inflammation
Help regulate metabolism and burn body fat
Lower total cholesterol
Lower blood pressure
Help protect against heart disease
Help protect against cancer
Help protect organs from toxins
Promote digestive health


1. Silence, the Final Frontier: Where No Woman Has Gone Before.

2. The Undiscovered Side of Banking: Making Deposits.

3. Combating the Imelda Marcos Syndrome: You Do Not Need New ShoesEveryday.

4. Parties: Going Without New Outfits.

5. Man Management: Discover How Minor Household Chores Can Wait Until After the Game.

6. Bathroom Etiquette I: Men Need Space in the Bathroom Cabinet Too.

7. Bathroom Etiquette II: His Razor Is His.

8. Valuation: Just Because It's Not Important to You .

9. Communication Skills I: Tears -- The Last Resort, Not the First.

10. Communication Skills II: Thinking Before Speaking.

11. Communication Skills III: Getting What You Want, Without Nagging.

12. Driving a Car Safely: A Skill You CAN Acquire.

13. Party Etiquette: Drinking Your Fair Share.

14. Telephone Skills: How to Hang Up.

15. Introduction to Parking.16. Advanced Parking: Reversing Into A Space.

17. Overcoming Anal Retentive Behaviour: Leaving the Towels on the Floor.

18. Water retention: Fact or Fat.

19. Cooking I: Bringing Back Bacon, Eggs and Butter.

20. Cooking II: Bran and Tofu are Not For Human Consumption.

21. Cooking III: How Not to Inflict Your Diets on Other People.

22. Compliments: Accepting Them Gracefully.

23. PMS: Your Problem . . . Not His.

24. Dancing: Why Men Don't Like To.

25. Sex -- It's For Married Couples Too.

26. Classic Clothing: Wearing Outfits You Already Have.

27. Household Dust: A Harmless Natural Occurrence Only Women Notice.

28. Integrating Your Laundry: Washing It All Together.

29. Ballet: For Women Only.

30. Oil and Gas: Your Car Needs Both.

31. Learning to Go in Public Restrooms.

32. Appreciating the Humour of the Three Stooges.

33. "Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big?" -- Why Men Lie.

34. TV Remotes: For Men Only.

35. Sexy Lingerie For Any Occasion.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Cowboys Family Cookbook featuring Jessica Simpson!

Jessica Simpson has contributed two recipes to the 2008 Cowboys Family Cookbook. She and Tony Romo wrote recipes for “banana breakfast smoothies” as well as “no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes”.


Barbie to Get Her AARP CardBarbie’s 50th birthday is right around the corner, and she’s a picky one. As Jessica Michault of The International Herald Tribune points out in an article today, throughout her doll life, Barbara Millicent Roberts has always been a clotheshorse: “her tastes have grown to appreciate more designer fare. From Benetton and Burberry to Versace and Vera Wang, Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 designers, including Giorgio Armani, Christian Lacroix and Monique Lhuillier.” What’s more, at the New York fashion shows in February, Mattel is staging a full-scale fashion show featuring Barbie-inspired work from 50 fashion designers. More...