Monday, January 12, 2009


BAD LIGHTING - So, get your picture taken on a cloudy, overcast day - the light filtering through the clouds is less harsh and since it doesn’t cast harsh shadows, you’ll look smaller!

THE LENS - Most point and shoot cameras have wide angle lenses, use the telephoto lens. It not only makes things look closer, it shrinks distances from your nose to your ear and from your tummy to your back and that makes you look smaller.

THE WAY WE STAND - Put one foot in front of the other to make you not look as wide. Get rid of the double chin! First, lift your neck, tilt your head down and then make sure the camera is above eye level.

Finally...... Relax! Take a deep breath and exhale, lower your arms and shoulders and smile. No matter how you think you look in photos, get in the shot with everybody else! You are making memories and they won’t look at the picture to check out if you look heavier, they’re looking at the photo to remember you look happy to be with them! SMILE!