Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decorating Your Home On A Super Tight Budget! (I'm There!)

I love,with a passion, to decorate my home so it really bums me out when I don't have very much money, like now. :( I am purchasing a new home and of course, I want some new things to put in it but I had to use my income tax refund for the down payment. Nuff said.... I've been on the hunt for some cool things at great prices. I thought I'd pass along what I've come across and really hope you will leave a post here if you have found some neat, affordable things too!

1.) Posters are waaaay too college. For a more stylish look, seek out one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. Check out www.etsy.com, where artisits sell their original pieces for low prices. They have everything from sculptures to landscape paintings.

I have to thank the owner of Art Attack (Very cool, create your own art studio) at The Hill Country Galleria for the next couple of items on my list. Linda Rocks!

2.) Lamps say so much. I love colorful lamps for accent pieces. Not so much for lighting a room but to add to the ambience. To me, lamps can function like pieces of art. Check out this link to see a bunch of lamps. You can see a few of them hanging up in Art Attack. They are funky and very cool. Oh, and very affordable too! http://www.omgallery.com/index.php

3.) Dress up your walls! These sites offers decals in a variety of patterns. Modern, Classic, Circles, etc. Really great for people like moi! I change my mind a lot. You can just peel'em of when you want a new look! www.whatisblik.com or http://www.modernwallgraphics...com/