Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Tattoo? For Who?

Hey guys! So I have no marks on my body and I am 38 almost 39. I've been thinking about this for years. I have finally decided that on my 40th Birthday, I AM going for it. I love peacocks and I love hearts and here are a few designs I was thinking about. Notice the mispelling! Ha ha ha! unless of course it happens to you....then it's WTF????? Any thoughts for a sister from another mister? There is no weird thing about putting peacocks on your body is there? I'm making a list of pros and cons about the whole thing: where it should go, how big it should be and who I should let do it. I want Kat Von D to do it from LA INK but I'll wish in one hand and you know the rest. Happy Holidays!


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