Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hey Everybody!

So, yesterday I went to Beleza Med Spa for Dot Therapy. My appointment was at 11:30a. They put numbing cream on my face for 30 minutes and then they did the procedure using a special smartxide laser. Now, at first, I was really scared. This is like laser resurfacing. It goes really deep into the epidermis and then eventually the top layer of your skin comes off revealing new, baby skin. He started the procedure and I honestly thought to myself, "This is it?" Seriously, if you have ever had a photo facial treatment, it's absolutely no worse than that. I couldn't believe it. It was over in like 15 minutes and then they put cold towels on my face and gave me a post-op kit and I went home. Before I went in, I had called to see if someone was going to need to drive me there and pick me up. Ha! ha! There is no pain killers or anything like that. I was able to drive myself home just fine. All I felt yesterday for just a few hours was a little heat. I am very red today and turning brown. My face looks kind of crazy but I CANNOT WAIT to see the end results. This was great! You know laser resurfacing in the past mean that you would be out for like a week. This is great! I needed to mow my yard today and you must stay out of the sun, so I slathered on sunscreen, and put on a cowboy hat for protection. I started mowing and their was dust and dirt flying up on my face so I ended up wearing a bandanna over my face and a cowboy hat. (ha ha) I looked like a bandit! I will be posting pictures soon of the before and during and then, of course, after photos. This is so exciting. Dr. Broder at Beleza Med Spa was so great and his nurse, Heather, is fabulous too. If you want to find out details about Dot Therapy, then go to It's the very latest in laser technology and Dr. Broder is offering a special on Dot Therapy right now! Oh, I can't wait to have a younger, fresher looking face and be rid of all the years of sun damage. Gotta go to bed but wanted to say that it's been a great experience so far! Talk to you on the air.