Friday, December 12, 2008

Got a show idea? It could win YOU a prize just like David

Mix listener David Grandstaff called us with an interesting idea. He says he knows the cure for Cedar Fever! It’s a little bit of a time intensive process, but he swears it works.

Check it out, here’s what you do: When the cedar trees start growing berries in January and February, pick the berries…. Pick as many as you can for the months they are visible on the trees and freeze them. When September rolls around, swallow 2-3 of the berries everyday for a few months. Don’t chew them, just swallow them like pills. (He says they’re not toxic, so no worries!)

Apparently if you follow these directions, you’ll have absolutely NO symptoms of cedar fever when the season rolls around the following spring!

Very cool---thanks David for the inside scoop.