Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This Saturday I'm going to be going into Beleza Med Spa for a revolutionary NEW laser treatment called DOT THERAPY! It is laser resurfacing and it produces AMAZING results with a much faster healing and recovery time. It's all about the laser. I recommend that you go to and read all the information about DOT THERAPY. There is even a 10 minute video that shows the procedure being done on a patient. Right now, Dr. Broder from Beleza Med Spa is offering a special on DOT THERAPY so now is the time to check into it. A consultation is free and Dr. Broder will show you exactly how the laser works.

I will be posting before and after pictures taken in Dr. Broders' office this weekend.

It's so exciting. I'm saying sianara to years of sun damage on my face and the melasma (brown areas on my face) that appeared when I got pregnant with my second son almost 10 years ago. For years, I have been so self conscious because my face looked dirty. Now I can put my best face forward!

There are 2 locations for Beleza Med Spa, one in Round Rock and one in Austin. Call 246-2639.

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