Thursday, November 20, 2008


Due to the sagging economy, some of us are shunning the salon in favor of at-home hair color for a number of good reasons. It's easy. It's quick AND IT'S CHEAP. But with trying something new usually comes a hairy mistake or two. Here are a few professional tips to ensure that you skip the mistakes and make it straight to healthy, shiny hair land.

• Dye your hair, not your face. Apply petroleum jelly around the hairline to keep drips in check.

• Celeb stylist Rita Hazan noted in People magazine that sprinkling a packet of Sweet 'n Low into the mix will help prevent that burning sensation that some at-home dyers experience.

• A pinch of cornstarch doesn't hurt the formula but does make it a little thicker and easier to apply.

• Stay close to your natural hue to avoid "hot roots" (fugly roots which are lighter than the rest of your hair) and a color that doesn't match your skin tone.

• If you mess it up, don't try to dye over it – see your stylist immediately!