Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I stumbled across this awesome new product on the web. If you have ever played a game of "pocket Tetris" trying to get all your essentials to fit, or lost a purse during a night out you have to try this. It is called the Bucklette!

Here is the Bucklette's story...

The Bucklette was created and designed by Sandy Alexander, founder of Dessa Lea Productions.
While single and living in Center City Philadelphia, Alexander was always on the go. Frequently running from work to a night out, she learned a quick change of clothes and "just the essentials" were necessary — lipstick, money, ID and house key.

Alexander carried a "wristlet" or an "under-the-shoulder" bag, but it typically ended up sitting on a table, hanging off a chair or on the floor.

While at a restaurant one evening, a friend’s purse was stolen, inspiring Alexander to create an accessory that would free women from the worry and inconvenience of carrying "the bag."

And the Bucklette was born!

CLICK HERE to get your very own Bucklette!
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