Monday, February 2, 2009


I heard people saying that she was lip synching and I could care less! She
sang it somewhere and it sounded so great! You know, all the players and pretty
much EVERYBODY watching the game last night was thinking about the horrible tragedy in her family. She is beautiful and my heart really goes out to her.

There was a VERY CLEVER newspaper headline today that said, "LORD OF THE RINGS!"
GO STEELERS! 6x Super Bowl Champions! Unbelievable. That was such a great game
and watching that guy run 100 yards was incredible. I'm living at an RV Park until I close on my new home, so the park was having a Super Bowl watching party. Lawn chairs, chili dogs, cupcakes, and 2 t.v.'s outside. It was a lot of fun!

The Cardinals played a great game! Bruce Springsteen looks great and has still got it! The half time show was good! I only wish he would have sang Born In The U.S.A.